” We haven’t known each other long but she knows me well

I got to fall in love with it again. Jeffrey had a weird geeky song too and of course I can’t remember it. The next guerilla I saw them out Wendy said, ”Gordon is here; we have to change the set again to make it weirder.” We haven’t known each other long but she knows me well.

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Pittsburgh D Trevor Daley (lower body injury) missed his second straight tame. F Carl Hagelin (lower body injury) and Tom Kuhnhackl were scratched, replaced in the lineup by F Scott Wilson and F Carter Rowney, respectively. When the Bucs finally broke into the win column, beating New Orleans in the second to last game of the 1977 season, it was almost like making it to the Super Bowl. When the Bucs followed up that milestone by winning at home the next week at St. Louis, fans stormed old Tampa Stadium..

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