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Everyday perk: Eating garlic regularly could help you avoid the common cold, according to a study in the journal American Family Physician. Millard likes to mince fresh garlic, let it sit 15 minutes for the active ingredients to ”develop,” and then swallow it like a pill if she feels like she getting sick. ”It not great for personal relationships, but it incredibly effective,” she says.

wholesale jerseys from china 5 and the shortstop is No. 6. If the batter hits a ground ball to the shortstop and she throws the ball to first base, the scorer writes down ”6 3” in the scorebook if the throw beats the runner for an out. For the Football Association, Barcelona’s presence in Burton is a further illustration of just how highly regarded its 120m training base is viewed around Europe. Barcelona’s stay is sandwiched by visits from Mainz 05 from the Bundesliga and FC Porto. Rakitic described it as ”the perfect place to work. wholesale jerseys from china

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Flowers and gift shop Gorgeous Green, or G is closing at the end of February. Photo: Gordon CommercialGORGEOUS TO CLOSE Staying in the Elmwood, flowers and gift store Gorgeous Green will be closing up at the end of February after three years onCollege Avenue (tucked between Ici and Summer Kitchen Bake Shop). Owner Pilar Zuniga says she isready to stop runninga brick and mortar businessin order to have more personal time and space.

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