Här kommer en ny Spotify: PGs SOUND, och denna gång en irländsk vän, Dermot Mckenna, han var en stor hjälp i mitt scoutingjobb för Helsingborgs IF 2007, som tack för hjälpen så slog vi ut hans klubb Drogheda i Euroleague!!! Men vänskapen består och nu hjälper han oss i scouting av våra motståndare Cork, så denna gång blir det  gamla irländska favoriter kryddat med nytt svenskt!

Heres a new Spotify list: PGs SOUND, and this time with an irish friend. Dermot McKenna, was a big help in my scouting for Helsingborgs IF 2007. Not so kind but we knocked out his team, Drogheda in the Euroleague!! But our friendship continued and now he is a big help in the scouting and service round the game against Cork. Welcome Dermot!!

Hi everybody. My name is Dermot. The first time I met anybody from Sweden was in 2007. I brought this man, who I never met before, to a Drogheda United match and we went for 1 pint of Guinness afterwards. We ended up having a few more than 1 and from that day on, we became good friends. That man was Peter Gerhardsson.!!!

I live in Drogheda, which is a town just north of Dublin and south of Belfast and am involved in Drogheda United Football Club. I am a Policeman, for a few more years anyway, and married with 3 children. 

When we think of Sweden, we think of ABBA, Volvo, IKEA, Ulrika Jonsson (!!) and of course our favourite referee Martin Hansson J (ok, we forgive you now Martin). But after a few visits to Sweden and meeting plenty of people, I have realised that Sweden is very similar to Ireland in so many ways. The people are friendly and genuine and are up for the ”craic”.!!! ?

Here are a few of my favourite songs. 

1.Kodaline – Ready. These lads are the next big thing to come from Ireland. They will be bigger than U2 and nicer than Bono.!!! They are from a village called Swords, which is close to Drogheda. Great song.

2.Christy Moore – Joxer goes to Stuttgart. Like Sweden, we are passionate about our football. Ireland qualified for our first tournament in 1988. Our big rivals, England, were drawn in our group. We were given no chance of winning. But we did.!!! And Christy wrote a song about it which every Ireland supporter still sings 28 years later. 

3.Walk the Moon – Shut up and Dance. Our kids, Conor, Kate and Molly, love this song. Probably because they are allowed. shout Shut up at their parents.!!! If I didn’t  include this one, I’d be in trouble.

4.Luke Kelly – Monto. Luke was a famous member of the Dubliners, who died at a young age. He was a singing legend. This is one of his famous pub songs and it helps if you have a few Guinness on you when you sing it. My mates, Alan, Enda and Jimmy can take the credit for this one. 

5.The Stunning – Brewing up a Storm. Another Irish band and this song has been adopted as our party anthem. Well one of them anyway.!!!! Guaranteed to get the party going and make you feel good when you’re feeling lazy. Works for my wife anyway.!!!

Hope you enjoy the songs and best wishes from Ireland.

/ Dermot (Superscout)

Thanks Dermot. I will start with 5 old irish favorites

6.Phil Lynott – The kings call. Everything with Thin Lizzy are great, but i think the solo stuff is even better. Heres one of the best, don’t miss the statue and museum if you´re in Dublin.

7.Cactus world news – Worlds apart. When they arrived they were the new U2. I followed this band during many years, fantastic and better than U2?!

8.Boomtown rats – Someone´s looking at you. I was 20 years old when this group and record hit me hard. Bobs voice was great, they still on tour, don´t miss.

9.Nick Cave and Shane McGowan – What a wonderful world. One of the best covers ever. Pouges-Shane destroys aussie-Nick, but togheter they make this oldie to a classic cover!

10.The Thrills – Big sur. Last is my favorite Irish band, pure pop, just love this song and all they made. Please come back!!

and then 5 new swedish songs for all our irish friends!!

11.Mauro Scocco – Alla har ont nånstans. Trad swedish pop with Super-Mauro, new singel and we hope for more from this legend.

12.Katohjärta – Katohjärta, new group with big potential, rock n roll in the easy way!

13.Revolver Blå – Kan inte minnas vem det var. Behind this group is Caj Karlsson, many problems in his life, but struggling on, this sounds much like Thåström, one of the best artist ever.

14.Hurula – Sand. Nice harder pop music from the north of Sweden, maybe a little punk inspiration, fantastic live artist!

15.Lars Winnerbäck – Blues of a salesman. One of the biggest swedish folk/trad/pop, the lyric of this song is tremendous, you will always have a home even if you´re on the road.

Here is the list: PGs SOUND

Oki dok, thanks Dermot and a big Rock on to Sweden and Ireland.

/ PG


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